September 24, 2004

TCE in song at the Zonal meet

In TCE we had Tennis and Hockey zonal matches. Myself and my buddies were all enjoying the matches the whole day. Today I was around the ground, and surely away from my Lab. Especially those tennis matches in the morning were really enjoyable. We were all commentating the tennis matches like "sixer..", "wat a shot!", "once more..", "straight drive.." and more.

The TCE Tennis team represented by Nagaraj (final CSE), Vivek (final IT) and Ashwin (third Arch) really played well. For the first time I saw Nagaraj's play. It was really good and his services were superb.

The Hockey team won the PSNA, Dindigul for 4-0. The whole college was in the ground at the end of the match. People were about to create an '7-1/2', but somehow the team members cooled down.

A nice day yaar. Those who missed are really missed. Njoying my final year life.

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