August 22, 2005

Last week @ TU

Project braintroming is on here at TU. TUers have to come up with new ideas now. By the by, Joe and Steeve are here for this. They are the one who has to approve these ideas. Only those ideas that are being approved are continued.

Last thursday we went the PUB Spinn. I wasn't really in mood to party that day. But atlast I changed my mind to dance and it went fine. Yesterday we went to a place called Club Cabana. That was around 23 kms from our office. I took some snaps there, check out this link I played five/six volleyball matches there. After lunch I was at the pool for two to three hours. In the evening I was into the Bowling ally for a match. I came second with 103 points. The day ended when everyone were dead tired. I can't even walk properly coz of the pains in my leg :)

August 14, 2005

Me at Trilogy

Since I reached Bangalore I haven't blogged. That was bad on me, I know, but I cann't help it. It is not like, I felt lazy.. for the first time in my life I can't find time to do these. You know I joined Trilogy on 15th of July and the professional life started then. I'm now under the training process called TU, (Trilogy University). It for three months and so it goes till october 15th.

Its been nearly a month and this is my first weekend I'm feeling free off the company thoughts. Four weeks have gone and we had different schedules for the different weeks. Let me try to recall what we had in the last four weeks.

The first day was a completely different experience. I met people from different parts of India and 18 guys from China, those were the ones with whom I'm gonna spend my days in Trilogy. We went to the hotel Le Meridien for dinner that day. I guess that is my first five start hotel visit. During the first week we had presentation on the company's goals, strategies and like that stuff. I guess we went to the PUB Zero G (Zero Gravity) on that week's wednesday night. That was also my first time experience in a PUB. I don't wanna write down all my experiences there. It was fine and had a nice dance party there. During the weekend we had an event called Scavenger Hunt. Its like the normal treasure hunt game but covering the whole Bangalore city. We had an opportunity to get to know places at Bangalore. That was a FUN event.

The second week at TU is where the real technical part starts. The whole week we had sessions on different technical topics and after every session we had small assignments on those technologies. During that week's wednesday we went BayLeaf at Koromangala for dinner. These dinners are meant for getting close with each other and to relax your mind from the hard work during the day. For the weekend we had plans to go to a place called Wonder Valley. It is located around 12 kms to the south of Bangalore on the way to Bannerghatta. I had spent the whole saturday with my TU mates and Section leads there. We had some event for FUN and some as inter-section competitions at Wonder Valley. Its a nice place to visit as a group. The place will make you laugh and relax your mind, whoever you may be.

The hard time started with the third week. We had three assignments (Track Projects) for this and the next week. It was that time we worked for days that are endless. So many night outs, slept at the office... During that week's wednesday we went to Amoeba at Leela Palace. We had a snow blowing competetion and dinner there. Leela Palace Rocks!! No words for that. Its big.. no its mammoth!!

Veera enna.. the track assignments have come to an end. From the next week we have project brainstroming followed the project work that goes till the end of TU. Joe Leemandt, our CEO is gonna be here for the next two weeks. Its going to be an interesting time ahead.