December 31, 2004

Cleared the next step to enter TCS

Two days back (on 29th) I went for TCS pre-employment medical checkup at Coimbatore. I have cleared the test successfully. It was a general master medical checkup.

December 26, 2004

Tsunami hits Asia

Today morning Tsunami waves have hit the coastal areas of India, Srilanka, Indonesia, Thailand and few asian countries. It is a great diaster here and many people have died in this hit. It seems the waves were originated from the Sumatra islands where there was an earthquake measuring 8.5 on ritcher scale. It is really sad here. More details on the Tsunami hit updates is on..

A day to forget. God, let this don't happen again, atleast with no people dying.

December 21, 2004

It was movie time for me now

In the past two days I saw two movies, "Desam" and "Kadhal". Desam was pretty good and it was on the track like that of Lagaan. The director and Sharuk has done a good job. The music needs no comments, as it was of AR Rahman. The songs that I humm nowadays are from this movie (the hindi version). The movie Kadhal, it was a good time in the theater with by classmates (20 odd ppl). The first half of the movie was really time passing and the director has tried really hard to pull the second half to an end (really slow). After the movie we went to the dinner. The veg and non-veg people were separated to their favorite hotels. We veg people went to Mohan Bojnalaya Bombay Meals center. That was good with unlimited rotis and rice. When you are hunger you can go over there and have a good amount of food. The final year attam seems to have started :-)

December 13, 2004

Programming always rocks

This weekend I was reading a pdf titled 'Programming from the Ground Up' by Jonathan Bartlett. It was on Intel assembly programming, GNU Assembler (as) and GNU Linker (ld). I have been to assembly programming already during my fourth semester as part of my curriculum. But working on assembly in a GNU/Linux box is cool and interesting. The 'as' supports only AT&T format of assembly. This is new for me coz., we used MASM that had the normal intel syntax. Whatever it may be, programming always ROCKS.

December 11, 2004

PThreads session on GLUG meeting

Today me and Bala Murugan gave a talk on POSIX threads in the GLUG Madurai meeting. Asusual there were around ten members or odd. The session was fine and we could discuss lot of good and informative stuffs.

December 6, 2004

Kulal Puttu @ Thiruparankundram

Few days back once Balamurugan told that there will be Kulal puttu available near Thiruparankundram. We thought of eating that one day and last saturday we went there. But since it was too early we returned back cheerless. But today we planned it right and five of we people (myself, Joe, BalaMurugan, keyan and Senthil) went there. It was fun being there having rice kulal puttu with my guys after a long time. Joe could not stop him, he ate around two to two-and-a-half plates. You cannot get this cuisine anywhere in the big holtels/restaurants in Madurai. It costs Rs.5 per plate. Yaar.. its cheap and good.

GCC inline asm (for x86)

December 4, 2004

Seriously looking out for a start

For the past two days, I'm little bored with my compiler book (for GATE). I thought of starting to study for GOATEE ( Yesterday I read few pages on Brey, it is interesting with the Intel architecture. Just now myself and Balamurugan were discussing with Joe on his proceeding and came out with a clear picture of what is going on and what need to do. It seems (is) to be challenging and interesting. Think I've started seriously and need to gear up my mates for GOATEE.

My cute system is now with Debian Sarge

Few days back I cleaned my system, formatted the harddisk, created new partitions and now it is loaded with Windows 98 (with minimal softwares like Office, Winamp and few) and Debian Sarge (2.6 kernel). I thought of doing this for a long time. Now my system is really fast (even with my 64 MB memory), comparing to the past days. Debian Sarge looks great, every night I'm exploring Sarge for the new softwares, trying with few configuration files. It is cool when I do something new ;-).