July 22, 2007


The good times is gonna end in few days! Our current first citizen of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is going to get down from his office on 25th July. And I'm very sad that India is losing a great visionary leader and it is pretty clear from the current presidential elections that it will take some years to see such a dynamic, charismatic and phlegmatic personality.

Times before Dr. Kalam took office, from what I perceive, the President of India is the one who lives in Rashtrapati Bhavan, signs of some documents and more importantly the one who gives a talk on Doordhasan television during the Independence/Republic day. Dr. Kalam has given a new perspective to this esteemed position. I have never seen a President of India stepping out from Rashtrapati Bhavan and meeting people and discussing their problems, meeting students and giving them encouraging talks and even meeting industrialists. His simple mantra "dream!" has made Indians to think big. He even has a big vision/dream to make India a full-fledged developed nation by 2020.

It always feels good when you are led by such an energetic person. Even though it is sad that Dr. Kalam is going to step down from the post of President, it feels so good that he going to return to Anna University back as a professor/researcher. Currently it is a big question on how far Ms. Prathiba Patil is going to execute her prerogatives.

.. and finally to the motive of this post, a great salutation to Dr. Kalam for his great deeds towards the development of India.