September 30, 2004

Trying with Hello (Picasa)

I was trying to edit my post "Received my TCS order", to add a TCS logo with it. First I got some N/W error. This is because, currently Hello doesn't support proxy. I was looking for a system with a direct connection. Finally I had to use 'cray' for this. But it seems that, I need to read the Hello help for editing a blog post and adding a picture to it.

September 29, 2004

Found some old friends with

I found Sundar Rajan and Venkata Krishnan (TVS guys) through Searching for more people...

September 28, 2004

Attam Pattam than!!

Myself, Jagu, Mahesh, Fred, Bala and Bara had a nice time in the Unix lab. We were all dancing in the lab, with juniors being the spectators. The songs were from "Cheena thaana.." to "Lakshavadheyae". Really a good time. See we are having night lab for the next three days. The jolly times ahead...

CSE Department is gonna cry ;-(

September 27, 2004

**INTERNAL** marks to my home

As part of getting ISO, TCE is mailing student's INTERNAL mark-sheets to their parents.

Yesterday, when I returned from the college I saw my internal mark-sheet in my home. My mom enquired about the marks (which were really as of a final year student) and she gave me some advices to read well so that it would be easy for the final exam. But the great fear I had was what would be my dad's response on this. I was little tensed on that day expecting my dad's arrival. But he was pretty cool and told me to prepare well for the final exams. Yet to start my full-fledged preparations for the final exam.

September 25, 2004

Signed with

ORKUT is an online community that connects people through a network of trusted friends. For details visit There are so many known faces here.

September 24, 2004

TCE in song at the Zonal meet

In TCE we had Tennis and Hockey zonal matches. Myself and my buddies were all enjoying the matches the whole day. Today I was around the ground, and surely away from my Lab. Especially those tennis matches in the morning were really enjoyable. We were all commentating the tennis matches like "sixer..", "wat a shot!", "once more..", "straight drive.." and more.

The TCE Tennis team represented by Nagaraj (final CSE), Vivek (final IT) and Ashwin (third Arch) really played well. For the first time I saw Nagaraj's play. It was really good and his services were superb.

The Hockey team won the PSNA, Dindigul for 4-0. The whole college was in the ground at the end of the match. People were about to create an '7-1/2', but somehow the team members cooled down.

A nice day yaar. Those who missed are really missed. Njoying my final year life.

September 23, 2004

'Nothing' is really FUN

I thought of writing this one coz you people will read this. But I know you will read this even if I don’t say you to read this. The simple reason being it has been published only for you people to read and not for that I have written this. Just by writing and publishing something no is going to read anything. Also you can’t just like that leave this, since it may or mayn’t contain nothing. No matter if this does or doesn’t contain anything.

Err… I forgot to say you something :-)

Cyber online event results

The results for the online contests that are part of Cyber 2004 are on. View them at
Things have gone pretty fine. Juniors have done a good work. Pats to them all.

Received my TCS order

I received my TCS order today. We people thought it would reach us by April or May 2005. People are happy here, each congratulating each other.

September 22, 2004

Signed-up with

My brother called me just now and as we were talking on, he told me abt his blogger. I read his blog. Its fine. I too gonna start blogging my daily activities. Lemme try with this on..