July 18, 2008

Heading towards another manoeuvre in my life

Its been an year wait for this, actually more than an year now. An year ago I felt like I should be taking up my masters program. There has been multiple reasons that urged me to take this decision. I felt it was a very hard decision, but for some reason I wanted to do that.

I remember the day I started to the read the book, Word Power Made Easy (WPME) by Norman Lewis. It was interesting and a great learning experience for me. Consciously I have never tried to improve by word power, being a guy who inhibits the habit of reading, you know the situation. But after few days of reading the book WPME, it was some kind of satisfaction that drove me to complete the book. Following that I started to read Barrons making my mind that I should give GRE in few months. That too happened, but completing Barrons was a real strenuous effort. I never thought I could do that! Following that was TOEFL, which didnt require much effort from my side.

The next big and demanding task was the application process. From the copious number of available universities, I had to narrow down to the ones I really would love to go. It required a lot of back and forth conversation with my friends and relatives. Another long and demanding period of time was the application phase, where I had to prepare documents required by these universities, couriering them, following it up, waiting for the results, etc. It didn't even stop after the results were out. To my luck, I (and all my univ mates) had to wait a long time to get hold of my I20. Once the I20 was in, it was a very quick week for me, I got my Visa stamped before I could realize that it happened.

Another surprise to me was that, by the last Monday (14th July) I had completed 3 years of my stint at Trilogy (and thus in the industry). I know this is a little late, I should have gone for my masters an year ago, but it is good that I atleast decided to take that up now, rather than never.

And FYI, I'm heading to the State University of New York at Stony Brook for my MS in Computer Science starting this Fall (September 2008) semester!