December 21, 2004

It was movie time for me now

In the past two days I saw two movies, "Desam" and "Kadhal". Desam was pretty good and it was on the track like that of Lagaan. The director and Sharuk has done a good job. The music needs no comments, as it was of AR Rahman. The songs that I humm nowadays are from this movie (the hindi version). The movie Kadhal, it was a good time in the theater with by classmates (20 odd ppl). The first half of the movie was really time passing and the director has tried really hard to pull the second half to an end (really slow). After the movie we went to the dinner. The veg and non-veg people were separated to their favorite hotels. We veg people went to Mohan Bojnalaya Bombay Meals center. That was good with unlimited rotis and rice. When you are hunger you can go over there and have a good amount of food. The final year attam seems to have started :-)

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யாத்திரீகன் said...

Oh !! Swadesh has released in Tamil as Desam...

hm.. i wud like to see Sharuk's over act in Tamil ;-)