August 22, 2005

Last week @ TU

Project braintroming is on here at TU. TUers have to come up with new ideas now. By the by, Joe and Steeve are here for this. They are the one who has to approve these ideas. Only those ideas that are being approved are continued.

Last thursday we went the PUB Spinn. I wasn't really in mood to party that day. But atlast I changed my mind to dance and it went fine. Yesterday we went to a place called Club Cabana. That was around 23 kms from our office. I took some snaps there, check out this link I played five/six volleyball matches there. After lunch I was at the pool for two to three hours. In the evening I was into the Bowling ally for a match. I came second with 103 points. The day ended when everyone were dead tired. I can't even walk properly coz of the pains in my leg :)

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Senthil said...

i saw ur photos .Looks like SAP is enjoying in TU .