November 14, 2004

Seventh Semester Exams - a review

I'm back after my exams. A review on my exam papers and a little retrospect of how I prepared for them.

The papers I had:

(0) Client Server Technologies
(1) Operations Research
(2) Simulation and Modelling
(3) Artificial Intelligence
(4) Neural Networks (E)
(5) Wireless Networks (E)
(6) Internet Programming Lab
(7) Computer Graphics Lab

A small review...

(0) The syllabus was from a reference guide. One can never really study all the units. Every chapter had lot of Class names, methods and operations contained in it, and the parameters passed to them. If you are a person who can mug things easilly, you too will feel hard to study this paper. Then what for me ?? I somehow tried to keep in my mind all the names. I really know nothing abt the Class, but I will write on that in the exams. This is what everyone has did in the exam. The syllabus must be changed, its of no use reading books on the current syllabus. The real fun is that, still we don't know the real details/meanings of ORB, CORBA and all.

(1) OR is the one which I liked the most in this semester. A superb paper indeed that involves simplification, logic, calculations and real math. I prepared well for this exam, but didn't do to my satisfaction in the exam. The paper was little tough and I too did some silly careless mistakes.

(2) Simulation is pretty easy one for all. The first three units were the last two units of Numerical Methods of the last semester. Since I have already read this, it was an easy one for me. I don't know where from the fourth unit came. There was no introduction and don't know how people inserted this to the syllabus. The unit had full of eqns and you can understand nothing from them. The fifth one was interesting and it was on GPSS. I really enjoyed reading that unit.

(3) AI too was good and interesting. Lot of algorithms to read, but the third unit was little big. I left some few topics in that unit. Good paper to read and that new way solving problems is amazing.

(4) When I saw Neural the first time, I felt like dying. But when I started to read, it was not like that. Topics were are dependent on the previous ones and interesting too. There were totally 10 main topics (algorithms) which were arranged in five units. I felt hard to remember the equations it had. But somehow I managed to study 4 to 4-1/2 units. Wrote the exam pretty well too.

(5) Wireless is hard always. A big bulk of contents were in the material. I had three days leave before the exam, but asusual I started to read seriously one day before the exam. Had a bad time.

(6) IP lab, a piece of cake for me. I have been working in this technology for the past three years. Sure of getting 'S' grade.

(7) Oh my God!!, the lab exam I felt scared for the first time was this one. I didn't actually like this lab, coz I'm nowhere going to use this graphics (in Turbo C) in industry. But atlast I tried some few programs (line clipping, 2D transformation, ellipse generation) and came out with a confidence that I could do well. I got 2D transformation in the exam and will get 'S' surely. The real satisfacion I have is that, I'm gonna get 'S' grade in all the lab exams in my college life.

The hard days have passed away...

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