October 6, 2004

Cyber '04 Dedication work @ Rural schools

As part of Cyber, every year we do some dedication work. This actually started the last year. Last year too we went some rural schools and taught the students there some basic knowledge on Computers. This year I went Coporation High school, Sundarapuram (near TVS Nagar), Madurai. It was a real joy being with those student there. We went to the ninth and tenth standard classes. We taught them some basis on computers, some applications and more. They asked some doubts and we tried to clarify them too. The students there were really happy on having us. The kids of fifth standard came to see us during their break. They asked us type their names and they were so excited by seeing their names in the monitor. At the end, a small girl told me like "Anna, oru ponnu ungalla yaemaathe, aathu paeraa nallu vaati type pannituchu". I have some sort of joy and satisfaction today.

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