October 4, 2004

Cyber '04 has all set out

I typed this when I was about to sleep, so bare with all the mistakes. I have just put down everything that I thought of.

Cyber '04, a day to remember forever. I have witnessed five Cybers (from my brother's) so far. The most enjoyable one was the last one, that happened two days back.

I was an Organising and Technical committee member. I enjoyed working with my juniors during this Cyber. I came to know lot of juniors during this little span. That too the "Thirteens" team was a wonderful team to work with. Every people involve themselves in some kind of work and I could see some enthu in them. I will plainly say that this is the technical commitee. Sriranjani the Joint Secratary, Senthil the Technical lead, Saravanan with his smartness (in work), peter and enthu finds him everywhere. Vasanth puts his hardwork in bringing up the Quiz interface. Rebecca and RajaPriya, the coordinators for Cyber Showcase. PadmaPriya for Web Search online event and SriVidhya, one of the Quiz master. My god!! I forgot Sriram, the man who is incharge of Software contest and also the incharge for documenting records for ISO. Vishwanathan and SriVidhya took the Multimedia committee. And finally Shyam, who always seems to busy but really not. He said he worked for Souvenir, and everyone too says this. Mr. Elango, the person from A section, a representative for his class. He took the responsiblity for Quiz and C Bugging. A good worker indeed. Balamurugan told that Maze was a grand success this time. The full credit goes to Kavitha , Kanmani and all those who worked for that. For C Bugging, Elango was accompanied by some girls (Abirami, ...). The decoration committee (really a big team) led by Kattari did a superb job. I don't remember that guy's name who drew most of the charts. His work was really an appeciable one. To mention some from their work, the charts that hung between trees showed their innovation in work. The decoration in the Octagon was also superb. Atlast I shouldn't forget to mention abt the Catering committee. They were fine people yaar. I have missed some important people, Balamurugan (General Secratary), Fred and Harish (Multimedia Committee).. hey!! I'm tired typing these names. The team was really big, sorry I cann't mention all of them (tiring man).

The real enjoyment came during the culturals. For the first time I went up to the stage for dancing, that too on the spot I thought of dancing, no practice and it just came out. But when we were abt to make a dance piece for the song "Cheena Thaana", our dance was interrupted for some reason and it was stopped. We then decided to quit the Auditorium and went out. The moment we got out, everyone screamed like anything. A real joy man. After that we had the "Bham Beam" to end that day. We people then slowly moved to Aarthy for a heavy dinner, ate well, bid goodbye to all, went back to home and started to snooze.

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seeniprabhu said...

hi anna catering commiteela enga name podave illaye... :-(