February 14, 2005

Local touring with friends

GATE was over yesterday. I thought of going somewhere yesterday itself, but since we had no plans I could not catch up my friends. I slept in my home in the afternoon and in the evening I went to John's house. There we planned to make to local trip to Alagar Kovil and Hawa Veli the next day. Everything was planned pakka yesterday night and everyone agreed to meet infront of the British Bakery at around 08:15 am (that was too early for me and John), today. We have planned to tour by bike, coz., we thought that going by bus will be tiresome and won't have lot of FUN.

I was the second to reach the British Bakery after Aravind Baalaaji. Then slowly everyone came, it was Keyan the last. We then marched to Natarajan's house. We then started from there with five vehicles with two per each bike. Oh..!! lemme list the names of the people who went there, it was, Myself, Bara, Bala, Keyan, John, Jagu, Chellapan, TVR, Purushothaman and Nattu. First I don't know why everyone rode slowly, then we started to pick up the speed. Driving in the outskirts of a city will always be a FUN, those who has an experience will say more on that. We had few snaps, posing while on the move. We reached the Alagar Kovil in few minutes. Near the Kovil entrance we took few snaps. While we were there, Fredrick called up Jagu and told he too will join us. He was in Mellur and it is 15km from there to Alagar Kovil. We told him to come directly to the Palamuthir Soalai. We then started to move up the hill. There were some hairpin bends, monkeys, lovers (today is Valentine's day, remember!!) and all. While at a bend we stopped for a snap. Took few and it was there we had a nice experience with monkeys (Chellapan will say a lot, coz of his bitter experience there). Nattu has got some chips with him. We unpacked that and it was made half empty. We continued and reached the Palamuthir Soalai soon. Went inside the temple and worshipped the Lord Muruga. This is one of the Aarupadai vedugal of Lord Murugan. It was a small temple indeed. We parked the vehicles there and started to walk towards the Amman Kovil that was few yards from there. There was an water vuthu (I think we call that as 'cove' in English) in that Amman Kovil. They say it is holy to drink/take bath in that water. We drank that, let your blessings be on us too, my Lord!! After worshipping the Amman, we ppl started to move upwards the hill. After that Kovil, there were no tar roads laid. We had to move in a path, that was like doing trekking. It was only we eleven (Fredrick has joined us there) who were moving up the hill, there were no public movement. We managed to move a good distance and stopped near a water vuthu. We climed up some rocks, went a steep down for snaps. We drank that holy water from that vuthu too. After sometime, making good FUN over there, we started to return back. When we reached the Amman kovil back, we saw the Tamil Nadu famous Sivakasi Jayalakshmi. It was tiring when we came nearer to our bikes. Started to move down. It was around 12:30 noon when we reached the down hill. The Alagar Kovil doors have already been closed and we missed the chance of worshipping Lord Kallalagar. Hawa Veli was the next stopping for us. Hawa Veli, a place that need to visited during the evenings. It was hottest noon when we reached there. Hawa Veli had a big lawn (superb one of quality), dashing car race area, a restaurant and ofcourse few couples. While coming back to Madurai, we stopped at Nattu's Manga thoppu. It was now the flowering season and so no Mangos!!

When we reached Nattu's house it was around 02:00 noon. Had some cool drinks there. Bidding goodbye everyone started to their home. Touring with guys that too in bikes, you can think of so many. We did all those you can think of. In the evening we have planned for the Ideal Home Exhibition @ Tamukkam. Life is going good like this.

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