February 11, 2005

Revolutionary movie @ CSE Aalamaram

Movie "The Code - Linux", which we people were planning to see one day. Joe has this movie in his Laptop and we were finding difficult to fix a date so that we could screen this movie with the LCD projector and everyone could see that.

Today asusual we closed the Lab and we were moving out. When we neared the CSE Aalamaram, someone took this topic (abt screening the movie) and I casually asked Joe can we see the movie now. Joe too responded that he is ready. Hey! we thought that Joe was kidding, but Joe was serious. Then we ppl too agreed. I think it was around 07:00 pm, it was almost dark. Joe switched on his Lap and everyone found a comfortable place under the Aalamaram and started to see the movie. Those ppl who are from TCE-CSE must know the fame of this Aalamaram. The movie is a documentary on how Linux was developed and related stuffs. We enjoyed the movie but the mosquitoes there toutured us like anything. That was something like hearing Buddha's philosophies under Aalamaram. I have not had such an experience before, hope no one. Coz, just think of seeing a movie in a Laptop, under an Aalamaram that too during the late dark evening. Good experience. Need to make a copy of that movie, you know this movie too has been released under some license under which you can make copies of that. Cool illaya!

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Noorul Islam K M said...

Alamaram, ha ha. I think entire TCE knows about that not only the CSE.