April 21, 2005

Chandramuki - lakka..lakka..

The Kollywood's superstar is again in his track. After his unfortunate movie "BaBa", he is now back in "Chandramuki" with a bang. He looks good as he was in his previous blockbusters. The movie as a whole is superb with a neat story and screenplay. But at the start it moves slower and picks up its pace as the story moves. Rajini has not done any gimmick or says any punch dialogues in this movie. This may be a disappointment for his fans (me too). The movie actually is a thriller and says about split personality. Jothika is the one who suffers from this split personality. Jothika need a special mention. She has performed really to the mark. I stood amuck with her performance at the movie's end. Sometimes scared too. And the one more that is impressing to us all was the dialogue "lakka..lakka..lakka.." which Jothika says at the end of this movie. Go and see why this needs a special mention.

Dare to face Chandramuki!!

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