April 28, 2005

Yet another BE product has come out

On 25th of April, I have completed all the works to become a BE graduate. My theory exams were all over the last week and on 25th my project viva-voce were too over. There was no problem with viva-voce. I'm too an Engineer!!

People have started to move from Madurai. Few of my friends have received their call letters from their company and are getting into the corporate world. I cann't think of the transition from a student to a professional. Probably at the start it may/will be interesting bacause of the new corporate ambience, the money you get and so on. But we are going to be made responsible and the care-free life has come to an end. I have heard this from lot my seniors and ppl in the industry. Life goes this way and you need to have this change.

In the previous blog I was promising to write things on the last few days of the my college life. I'm trying to get that out from my memory now. I will start with the 'Geeks' day and continue with the 'Last' day of my college.

(Geeks Day)
Geeks, we the CSE guys like call ourself. We had a plan of printing a shirt and worn that some day to make FUN. Finally we decided with a caption that is to be printed in the shirt. It goes lik this

v are int
v may float
v never char
v love struct
v r a union

Hope you could get the meaning of what I'm trying to say. We being the compsci ppl we have dealt everything with the data types. We call this 'Geeks' shirt. We ordered the shirts for a count of 84 people. It came on one fine morning, that day had the CSE Association valedictory function in the morning and the official college culturals in the noon. The CSE Association function is a very formal one. We ppl being the final years has to in the formals (atleast semi-formals). But everyone were with the 'Geeks' shirt. No one can question us, coz the count is big and no Geek is ready to listen to anybody. The function was over. The next plan we had was to run from the college canteen till the B.Arch. department. We the Geeks stood in a row and started to run. Remeber it is a working day, the time was around 10:45 am in the morning and we ppl are running with a hell of noise and scream. We stopped near our department and took photographs. I think during that time, our HOD called one of the Geek and read that quote in the shirt. To our surprise, he didn't say anything. Then we continued towards the B.Arch. department. Few videos were too taken. The morning seesion went as such with lot of photographs in all the places of TCE. It was lunch time then. We (10 of us) went to the Aarthy drive-inn restaurant. Had a nice time there. The college culturals was the one which made everyone to stand wild. We enjoyed a lot there in the KM Auditorium. As we were late to the culturals the seats were all occupied. We had to stand at the last and watch. As usual we ppl started to scream, sang some strange songs and everyone were attracted to our noise. The staff incharges came and warned us not to make noise. Then came a security, then our HOD. Still Geeks is uncontrollable. The HOD was very concerned because the shirt was printed with 'CSE 05' in the front and the CSE department's name will going down. We then moved to the KM Audi's balcony. There Geeks were in the excited mood and started to dance to the tunes. Imagine how could that be. In the last four years of my college life I have never seen a college day like this. People used to scream that all, I have never seen ppl dancing, but it happened this year. The 'Geeks' day was over with few other good things. I trying hard to type all those.

(Last day)
The last day of my college was too a memorable one. DUring the morning we could not feel anything. It just went of. During the afternoon slowly people started to think a bit heavier. Guys never down, we were all njoying. The two persons with whom I saw tears was Meena and Archana, my classmates. People slowly started to get signatures in their shirts. I had no plans for that and came to the college with a good formal shirt. But how could my friends leave me. You could ask abt the fame of my 'Bue Jean', which I used to wear daily. Maddy and Keyan caught me and they were the first to sign in the jean. Then I made up my mind to get signatures in my lovely jean. It was different because everyone were getting signatures in their shirt/t-shirts, but myself in the jean. But somehow at the end of the day, my jean was filled with signatures. Apparum, around 05:00 pm our class guys sat near the dept and started to share the good old memories. Everyone was led to speak and share his happiest/sad moments. Everyone were open with thier mind and that talk contniued till 10:00 pm. By 06:30 pm we were told to leave the college, so moved to the Vinayagar temple and continued our discussion there. During the discussion was going on a small misunderstanding too raised. But that was solved. Hope my classmates understands this. To finish the day, after the discussion was over, we went for the dinner in Triparankundram. By 11:30 pm we bid adieu and went back to home.

We had many good times like this. The student life @ TCE is over. Even now when I go to my department, my juniors call me an aluminus :-(

TCE is great, long live TCE!!


Meena said...

Cool..Change ur blog's profile too :)

Arun Ponniah S said...

What should I change akka??

யாத்திரீகன் said...

hm.. arun u brought the last our last days,our fun with the HOD everything to my memories back da..

the hard feeling of parting away in student life, just got reloaded into me again for a moment.

past couple of years (immediately after the college life) i've been far away from my friends

and when i'm gonna return back to chennai after say another couple of years, most of the girls would have settled and the guys turn would have started.

i'm really missing them all, the fun we used to have.. everything..

it was nice reading abt your last day-da...

hope your gang atleast (getting the entire class in loop is almost impossible)to keep in touch for some more time..

Karthik ,K.N said...

yes da..i too missed those days..my retrospect are same as urs checkk mine 222