June 8, 2005

Are we on the right path??

Two days back the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Ms. Jayalalitha, has declared to cancel the TNPCEE (Tamil Nadu Professional Course Entrance Examination). In the sense only the HSC (Higher School Leaving) marks will be considered for the Engineering/Medical admissions from this year.

To my knowledge I thought that the TNPCEE is the only best examination at the high school level. It is because TNPCEE tests the anlytical skills rather the byhearting skills, on which the HSC exams entirely relies. The main reason they say for the cancellation is that the rural students donn't have fair chances when compared to the urban students. Yeah., I accept. The reason they say is right, but the solution is in the negative way. They tend to move in the wrong direction, I suppose. The solution should be like improving the teaching or education system in the rural areas rather than cancelling the exam itself.

The another issue is that when the TNPCEE is cancelled, there will be no common exam on which the selection can be grounded on. The students of State Board, CBSE, ICSE et al have to compete with the scores from their respective exams. Among these the State Board is considered the easiest one, so another dispute lies here.

I'm fond on Ms. Jayalalitha's decisions. She is educated, she does things well, she executes critical situations with proper knowledge and so many. But sometimes she too falls down like this. An another situation when I was against her decision was when she told to demolish the Queen Mary's college at Chennai. How could this be accepted? It has so many fames, a more than 100 year old college, has so many alumnis all over the world. Its a monument rather than a college by itself.

Someone needs to do something regarding this TNPCEE cancellation order. I'm totally against this. I don't know what the public feels and the how the reaction would be.


யாத்திரீகன் said...

Your views are abosolutely perfect, but it is not in a Political Point of View.

Elections are comming near, so this is the right time to reach the pulse of the rural side people.
As you said, if the solution of improving the education in rural side has to be provided, then the those people also have to spend some money for these kinds of coaching (I didnt believe that the entrance coaching fees is 7K rs which was 4 years back 3K).

Unfortunately, the majority of the rural people are very emotional. They take it or atleast considered to take it in the sense that, PuratchiThalaivi has done something great to their education chances, because now they dont have to spend that extra money.

Which obviously cannot be blammed from their point of view.

Its the scholars, people with long true vision to the future in the government administration who are responsible to set things right.

When Education becomes Business, its all Nonsense !!!

Arun Ponniah S said...

Yeah.. you are right. But as from the students point of view, this is something like going backwards in the education system. Never politics must influence the education. Because the future India (or atleast TN) depends of this.

V.E.N.K.S said...

Ur right..
By the way..Great da for ur Trilogy offer..
Heard it from some chap at college, I dont know who !
You seriously made us proud !

Arun Ponniah S said...

Thanks da Venkat!!