July 2, 2005

'Auto 7005' has gone out of my hand

If you have seen me in TCE (my college) then you must be knowing of my vehicle M80 Major. I suppose I was the only one of my time to come to the college everyday by M80. That was unique and unusual. My M80 was fondly called 'Auto' coz., of the sound it produces while on the road. My friends say the sound it produces is exactly of an Auto-rikshaw. It has been with us for the past six years. My brother too used to go the college by that M80. It was actually bought for him to go to the college. After his four years of college, I continued driving that M80 to my college. I was so close to that M80 that I have even met with an accident while driving on that. Though the accident was small, I had a big injury and went through an Arthoscopic knee surgery. I was put on the bed for a period of a month and was advised not to drive for the next one year. But after that I period I continued driving my M80 :)

These days I have been disposing all the good ones along with I have lived. The bicycle was another one. I think we bought that when I was in seventh standard. I loved it and its now with someone. When I called up my brother and told that I have sold the M80, I could feel that he too moved sadden. It has gone out of our hands, but I could feel happy when I think back the moments which I had with that in my college and home.

You know why that 7005, its registartion number is 'TN 58 C 7005'.


Karthik ,K.N said...

dai sap...itz gr8 tht u sold ur kosu vandi nd its not an auto...but man..itz gr8 tht u ve got good memories of it

Adaengappa !! said...

Good Post !!