December 9, 2005

CRY (Child Relief and You) donation!!

Today from my pocket :), I dotnated some amount to CRY organization. Yesterday we had two volunteers from CRY, Bangalore in our office to get donations for the welfare of CRY children. This is the first time I have spent some money from my pocket to help poor people. A bit of joy here :)


prasanna said...

Good gesture and a beginning!

Balamurugan,S said...

Good work da.

யாத்திரீகன் said...

that was good start SAP.. keep doing such contributions often.. !!

hey man.. will ur set be interested in some continous such efforts ?! will u ppl be interested in joining with us ?! mail me when u find time..


srid said...

convert that joy to pleasure. donate monthly.

Karthik ,K.N said...

cool da...good workin...i've strted updatin my blog..

Ferry said...

i need help, my father just pass away, and my mother is in lots of debts and now i can't finish my study because i can't pay,
i have a lot of debt myself just for a meal, and even my staying cost have pile up so that this is near the limit
of my life pls donate to account number 304-10-08180-3 hope i can help you in any way.