December 28, 2005

Trip to Nandi hills

Yeah, the last weekend was FUN. Mottai was here during the entire weekend and we went along with Keyan to many places in Bangalore. The one main trip I had planned was to Nandi Hills. As decided we (Myself, Keyan, Mottai and Sriki) took two bikes and to set on to Nandhi Hills on Saturday. Nandi hills is about 70-75 Kms from Bangalore. The drive was interesting and superb. Definitely those who love riding bike on highways will love this trip, as I did. I think it took around one-and-a-half hours to reach the top of Nandi hills. We stopped at many places on way to take some noshes whenever we can find some on the road side. I took my brother's digital camera and Keyan's had his DigiCam. So whenever possible we also flashed the lights.

At the top of Nandi hills is a Shiva temple, a small park and a hotel. We spent at around an hour or so there and started to return back. While we were getting the down the hill we caugth up a shooting crew recording stuff for a Kannda serial. I think there were shooting some song, I have never seen a song in tamil serial. That looked strange to us. As we proceeded we have to stop at few places to give some work for the cameras. The sunset, the lake along side the road were all looking beautifull. We had some good shots there. As we started to ride in the highway, it was real FUN with the chill air dashing your face. We reached 100 Km/hrs at times and the ride was awesome.

Nandhi hills snaps :

The next day too we were roaming around the city. A good weekend passed away ;) Looking out for the New Year eve now. Till now no plans, let me see what happens!!

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