April 29, 2006

Awesome collection of TR videos

- The famous 'Vaada Yen Machi Vazhaka Bhaji' fight sequence. Song, Lyrics, Fight, Dance and Music everything is T.R's.


- T.R gives definition for each variety of Tea to his enemy during a fight sequence


- T.R's sad sentimental dialogues. Will bring tears from your eyes due to over laughter. He relates wet torn clothes to life of men and women


- T.R's special Karate style to fight with his enemies


- T.R combines his dialogues during his fight. No doubt why the bad man hits his head against the trees



nearfar said...

I don't get audio :((

Senthil said...

sun tv also telecasts his comedies and dialogues then and there in the name of election campaign. One such dialogue "mr.vaiko, nee oru psycho, nee anthapakam poiko, mothathil nee oru 'poi' ko". One hour of non stop comedy. he is supposed to talk abt the party but ends up talkin abt him, simbu, monisha en monalisha ...... god only knows what simbu has got to do with the party.

Aravind Baalaaji T B said...

I also saw a clipping of TR's interview in SUN TV. It is available in youtube.com with the title "Ultimate TR". It was real good comedy. He makes himself as a comedian with his answers. Do enjoy watching that :-)

anuj_nsit said...

Dude, its gonna be a month soon without a post!!!

P said...

Thanks Bro! Thangal Sevai Naatukku Thevai! :)

Arul Prasad said...


i was watching all these, and laughing my gutts out, and came across this one:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilMykMvyqnw&NR