May 23, 2006

Its been a good time with this Indian market

Hmm., really it is not a good time with Indian market currently. Lot of corrections going on. In the past two weeks, there is a steep fall in the sensex for about 2000 points. For a starter like me, who doesnt have much investments in this volatile market, its been fun watching the numbers. More than FUN, it is a good learning experience.

For the past few months, I think there has not been a great correction in the market. So it was like, whoever invests in the market, even blindly, happened to book profits. It was just raising, raising and raising. But all of a sudden, the great fall that happened the last week and particularly the one on this monday, made everyone panic. No one can give a good reason of why the hell this market is falling down. In almost all of my colleague's portfolios, I could see them all filled with red figures. We used to make fun of this situation like, "Enna da, un portfolio-la rathama valzhiudha??". But for long term investors, this is the right time to accumulate good stocks. Rather than being panic, start investing in the right stocks now. I learned that for sure.

Another important thing that I learned is, if you keep wathing the market, you have a good probability that you loose that day with no work done ;-) Finally I would say, its been THRILL watching these numbers and FUN if you gain and LESSON if you loose (provided, you dont play with market blindly).


anuj_nsit said...

Dude , you dint mentioned about the big bucks you made in one of the IPOs.
THe IT guys r nt reading ur blogs :d

Aravind Baalaaji T B said...

Ada paavi... evalavu da sambadiche :)