September 26, 2006

Long break from blogging!

Hmm., that was a real long break. Its always the same reason from my side, laziness! Just yesterday, I got hold of a laptop in my workplace. So, thought of blogging it.


santhosh said...

so, where's the blog abt it?
thought of blogging abt it potruka, post enga da?

Arun Ponniah S said...

Ha ha., idhudhan andha post :P

யாத்திரீகன் said...

idhu thaan unga Takungala.. :-))

Karthik said...

Hi Arun
That’s a nice, nostalgic post about your last day at TCE, and the famous “aalamaram”.
I’m an alumnus of TCE (MCA, ‘91). I was in the college recently (Jan 20-21) for an Alumni meet.
I recently posted a blog entry - “Walk down memory lane at TCE” (at, and would love to have your comments from a “more recent student” perspective. Importantly, it consists of some good pictures of “that famous banyan”!
Cheers, Karthik Ramamurthy

Anonymous said...
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