August 7, 2007

Sick (by)(of) surfeit!

My current GTalk status flashes (and would be the same for some more days too) "Sick of Surfeit!". Initially I had "Sick by surfiet!" and later changed that too "Sick of surfeit!". That was due to my senior Cne. He gave a pure pedantic explanation on why it should be "Sick of surfeit!" which urged me to change the status message.

Read the conversation we had to understand the difference between 'by' and 'of'!!

5:54 PM Cne: that sick "by" surfeit? or sick "of" surfeit?
5:55 PM me: Theriyala-yae
5:56 PM I'm heavy loaded with stuffs, adhan dhan solla vandhen
5:57 PM If you can explain me the diff, that would be good :)
6:00 PM Cne: its just the difference between of and by..
me: ha ha not that simple, ennaku context-la difference sollunga
Cne: see, just imagine ur in google..
i mean u work in google..
6:01 PM me: okie
Cne: when u've just joined...
6:02 PM u'll be amazed at all the free eatables lying around and u start a free for all!!
u eat so much that u gget a bellyache!!
thats sick "by" surfeit!!
6:03 PM and if u've been there for 2-3 years, u get tired of all the free things and get bored with them...the word "free" also loses its charm...since ur making enough to not worry abt money..
then, thats sick "of" surfeit!!
and of course, the analogy of Google can be replaced by ur company!!
6:04 PM which is true i guess!!
me: Okie got it
to an extent it is
Cne: what say?
tthe "by" is a simple matter....can be solved easily..
6:05 PM but sick "of": has phiolosophical undertones..
which require lots of work to solve!!
6:06 PM me: Ok
I think I fall into the latter category. Will change the status!

See how negligent I have been in my English grammar courses during my school days ;)

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Sankar Salvady said...

Wow.. thats honesty at its best !! the fact that u can admit this in a blog implies ur sincerity in correcting it !!