August 1, 2007

Turned a dilettante photographer!

I have been planning to buy a camera for a long time. And at last decided to buy Canon PowerShot S3 IS.

I have already started dabbling with my camera :)

I'm currently inspired by these photographers (Prasanna, Sankar and Senthil). The former two are my own cousins, so I expect some hereditary pattern of good photography skills in my blood too :P

Checkout their web albums,


Praveen Krishnamoorthy said...

Really great to hear. Me too planning to buy one but not atleast till 2008 ends :)

santhosh said...

phew da
looks top heavy (12x optical vachi ena panna pora)
you cud hv gone for a lower config and opted for a teleconverter lens

how much did it cost?
enga vangina? here or US?

Arun Ponniah S said...

@ Santhosh
Hmm.. this is not too heavy da. May be the protruded view makes you feel so. If I were particularly looking for the optical zoom, I should have taken your choice. But I think S3 IS has some extra features (few of them I certainly don't know :P) which won't come with the lower configs. I bought that for around 13K including the battery set and 2G mem card. US-la dhan da vaanginen, inga vangi-irundha, it should have been near 15K.