January 24, 2005

Enjoyable week !!

For me the last whole week was good. To start on monday, I took a seminar on UNIX kernel internals. Coz., it was realted to my favorite area, Operating Systems, I enjoyed a lot taking that to my classmates. The following day we had a hottest fight ever with a staff member. His name is Mr. Balaji, he used to tell that TCE is poor and we the students are not doing anything great. He always has three things to say, TCE is bad, TCE students are not stuffed and then CSE is the worst branch. That day we started shouting at him. Nearly five of us guys (Venkatesh, Nethaji, Myself, Keyan and Nagaraj) stood up and just straight to his face denied what he was telling these days. After few minutes everyone started shouting at him. A joyful day, I think he won't talk on this here after. The problem with him is the way he says. It makes every student to get angry eith him. And during the friday and saturday, I was busy with learning Bochs with my project mates. It was on friday we made a base design for our project. On the same saturday we conducted a mock GD and interview for our juniors. I really enjoyed that and had a satisfaction of helping my juniors. On sunday night we had a new audio system (Sony MHC RV22, Mini HiFi system) in our home. It plays audio, video and mp3 cds and the cassettes obviously. It really ROCKS. Today morning I felt do I really need that much big sound system, coz., it shocks your heart on every beat. A nice weekend and hope there are good days to come in future for all!!


Karthik ,K.N said...

Dai nayeee...thirutttu vcd pakkamatein nu sollittu ippo enta vangi cd parkariya..Dai appuram puthisu puthisa theory matahre...vayila nall varuthu.. censored... censored.

Ekanth said...