January 2, 2005

Jeevana School reunion

We Jeevanities had a gettogether today in Cafe CoffeeDay in Anna Nagar. First I thought whether should I attend the meet, coz I know very few people there (hum.., I studied only one year there). I had a invitation for that gettogether and I called upon Krishna Priyan whose number was specified in that invitation. I talked to him after around seven years I think. His voice was gigantic, but I could get a tint of the voice of him which I have heared during my school days. We talked about us, abt the meet, the arrangements for that and a few. He asked me to compulsarly come to that meet and he promised me that there will be a lot of people and we could have a nice time.

I then talked with Parasuraman (IT guy) and Senthil Murugan (ENC guy).They told we could go there. But the next day when I called them, they both told that they will not be able to attend for some reason. I was then put in a dilemma, with lot of questions, should I go ? will that be interesting? .. Ok then I decided to go. I started to CoffeeDay and to my surprise I was the first one to be there. I have never been like that before, even a single day in my college life. Then people slowly started to turn-up. First few girls came (many were my college mates) and then Arun Thangarajar came. We had a small intro with those I was not been before. Few minutes later the crowd begun to rise up. I could recognise only few faces there and many were new to me. But hear me, it is a nice experience to meet people whom you have not met for a long time. I had a talk with all those guys and gals, few retrospects, blah.. blah.. We then ordered for a drink.

The drink was over. We thought there was no much interaction between people and we decided to have some games, so that people will be forced to mingle within their team atleast. Krishna then separated us into three teams in a random order. He then called upon two members from each team. I was one amoung the two to represent our team. The game was to lit up a many number of candles I can with using a single matchstick. Hey the team A (Arun Thangaraj and Brindha) lit around 15 odd candles. I was in team B, we (Myself and Mathangi) could lit up a much of *zero* candles. Then the team C (Aravind and Bansuri) lit up around 7 candles. Since our team had the extraordinary talent of litting up zero candles, we were given another chance. This time another two people (Mohammed and SriRanjani) went and they could lit up 9 candles. So we wentup to the second place. We had few snaps and few fun over there.

It was around 02:00 pm, and everyone started to say they need to return back to home. So to finish up, we ordered veg. sandwich for all. Meanwhile few people (Radha Krishnan, Vinoth, Vaibhaw) started to move out. Then everyone was asked to talk a few words on this gettogether and the plans for meeting in the future. Mostly I could hear, "It was nice being here", from everyone. We also have decided to create an e-group for our set, so that we could maintain contacts with all and there be no communication gap amoung us. The final talk was over and it was time to pack off. Everyone payed their part in the bill and started to bid adieu. I came back with the thoughts of what had happened there, in my Major. Back to home and back to normal life.

I had a good joy there and came to know lot of new people. May this happen in future too. A day to remember :-)

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யாத்திரீகன் said...

Hey Ponniah,

you are a X Jeevanite..

cmon dude... i didnt knew this before.. then i am your senior there too ;-)

Yeah its realy a very different experience to see school friends after a very looong time.

It happened to me during my this visit to TamilNadu. I met 2 of Jeevanites in Chennai, nearly after 7 to 8 years. I was soo excited to see them back. Had nice time with them too.