January 31, 2005

Life is Beautiful

Today I saw the movie "Life is Beautiful". My brother has been asking me for a long time to see this movie. Once in last year I had a chance to see this movie, but I was not able to see the complete movie that time. It is only today I saw the complete movie. Its good, the director/actor Roberto Benigni has done a really good work. The way he explains things to his little son, his way of expressing love towards his son and wife are great. Also I saw the movie Anbae Sivam, yesterday, I think the third time. Kamal's and Madhavan's natural expressions and dialogues have struck my heart. Hey I think both the movies are equally good on all the aspects, on my view. I don't why Anbae Sivam was not given big awards? Really Life becomes Beautiful on seing these movies, it gives you good thoughts.

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Ekanth said...

Aatam podu..padam paathu ensoi panra pola. I am happy that you've completely seen the movie once. So whats on the pipeline??